Ques ability to run 2nd OS ie: win98 on same computer with WIN XP?

Ques ability to run 2nd OS ie: win98 on same computer with WIN XP?

Post by Michael Had » Thu, 23 May 2002 23:02:35

I was wondering if I could possibly run WIN 98 on another hard-drive in
my computer? I am currently running WIN XP but some of my older programs
   are not compatible. Is it possble to run a second OS, independent of
                                        Any help welcome!
                                                Michael Hadd

Ques ability to run 2nd OS ie: win98 on same computer with WIN XP?

Post by Care » Thu, 23 May 2002 23:09:24

HOW TO: Create a Multiple-Boot System in Windows XP (Q306559)

Visit MS-MVP Doug Knox's excellent web site (http://www.dougknox.com/) and click on "Win
XP Tips" and then "Install 98/ME After XP is installed".  These are by far the best tips
you'll find.

First, try installing/running your program using XP's Program Compatibility Wizard:

Start > Programs > Accessories > Program Compatibility Wizard

The Program Compatibility Wizard:

This wizard prompts you to test your program in different modes (environments) and with
various settings. For example, if the program was originally designed to run on Windows
95, set the compatibility mode to Windows 95 and try running your program again. If
successful, the program will start in that mode each time. The wizard also allows you to
try different settings, such as switching the display to 256 colors and the screen
resolution to 640 x 480 pixels.

If compatibility problems prevent you from installing a program on Windows XP, run the
Program Compatibility Wizard on the setup file for the program. The file may be called
Setup.exe or something similar, and is probably located on the Installation

Carey Frisch (USA)


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Please help me figure this out.

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Thank you for your honest reply, if you dont know its ok
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