Re Windows XP mystery internet traffic

Re Windows XP mystery internet traffic

Post by Les » Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:37:18

I have just setup a new Toshiba Portege 3500 together
with windows xp pro and mcafee professional virus scan.
Although automatic updates are turned of this one system
uses around 8 to 10 mb of internet traffic per day,
separate to any intentional downloads or email traffic.

Where is this traffic coming from and how do i stop it????

How can I find out what pgms are using the internet and

thanks for all help and guidance,


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Runing XP Home: TCP/IP over ISDN.

Hi - is there a way to tell what app or process is using the internet
connection or what the connection is connected to at any one time?

When no obvious apps (email, browser etc or auto-update operations) are
running, I still have mysterious 'background' traffic in the form of chunks
of exactly 64 bytes of data being received, regularly every 4.68 seconds.
Nothing being sent at all. This has the effect of holding the connection up
for long periods despite having configured the auto disconnect after 5mins
idle time (which used to work fine). I'm sure the PC never used to do this,
so it must be something that has been installed or updated recently. My A/V
(Trend PC Cillin 2002) shows the system as clear of Trojans etc

If the connection is closed, whatever is doing this does not cause the
connection to be immediately re-established like when the browser or email
is started.

Any ideas please?

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