Re-boot problem!!

Re-boot problem!!

Post by E. Pina » Wed, 10 Apr 2002 08:22:36

My XP system boot up until logon windows.... and then suddenly  ..pattss ..

i used XP for 4 Months without any problems, today i have seen the problem
for the first time.
I have tried to reinstall XP, but the problem wasn't solved. I have the same
problem... i have ried several methods.. but no luck!

who can helpme solve my problem?


1. Home networking re-boot problem

I have networked my Win XP Dell desk machine to my W98
laptop.  The desk machine is connected to the Internet
via a cable modem using an internal Ethernet adapter.  
The laptop is connected from its internal Ethernet
adapter to an external Ethernet adapter connected to the
desktop machine with a USB connector.
When I reboot the laptop, it will not connect to the home
network and my desk machine shows that the local area
connection is broken.
However, if I unplug the USB connector from the Dell
desktop and plug it back in again, the connection is made
I would appreciate some help.

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