Is Microsoft totally helpless?

Is Microsoft totally helpless?

Post by Wayne W » Thu, 08 May 2003 03:23:24

I understand your pain, but you know Microsoft isn't in Law Enforcement.  First thing to do is contact your ISP, and let them know about the hacking, giving them as many details as you have.  Then if you want to press charges, you can try the FBI or the Secret Service Electronics Crimes Taskforce.

> Microsoft is the biggest provider of software for Internet.
> The largest portal-,
> The biggest mail service- Hotmail,
> The largest used mail program-Outlook Express,
> The most used operating system-Windows,
> But when it comes to a man sitting in some corner of the
> world sending virus infested mails with subject line SARS,
> MSN is helpless.
> All of us are only supposed to delete every mail
> containing SARS in the subject line!

> The result-a man like me who wants to inform something to
> the world about SARS cannot do it. I am very sure that my
> SARS wallpapers on can educate a large
> population, but an unknown man has undone everything.

> The whole world is at the mercy of such inhuman people who
> send virus-infested mails with such title. But what about
> Microsoft? Is its workforce of great talents totally
> helpless in such situations of life and death? Could not
> they immediately find a way out? Only Microsoft can battle
> with such inhumanity, only Microsoft can provide positive
> defense immediately. It does not do that.

> It leaves a man like me at the mercy of an unknown man.
> All my efforts have gone to waste. Now I cannot help
> humanity even in the smallest way. Why? What use is the
> size of Microsoft?