XP to WIN98SE Networking Problem

XP to WIN98SE Networking Problem

Post by Mike Porrit » Sat, 08 Dec 2001 11:42:25

I had a stable 3 PC network with all machines running
Win98SE and sharing a cable internet connection via ICS
and connected with a simple hub arrangement..

I have now introduced a new system running Windows XP into
the network.  One of the existing system was showing some
problems talking to the XP machine with what appeared to
be timeout problems transferring files etc.  eg copying a
file of a few meg would give a huge time estimate of
several minutes and then die half way through.

I have now relocated the XP system so that it is the
gateway/host machine to the internet.   Two of the systems
continue to behave properly on the network while the third
struggles along.  It works but so slowly that browsing is
a waste of time.

The configuration setup on each machine is virtually
identical running both TCP/IP and IPX protocols.  I have
completly removed and reinstalled the network on the
problem machine without success.

The problems persist even when the two good machines are
removed from the network.

Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Porritt


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