Post by Herman Susse » Wed, 23 Jan 2002 00:58:25

XP loaded the native driver for my epson printer. Now, I downloaded the
driver from Epson so that I could see the ink monitor. Every time I reboot,
XP reloads the original printer in addition to the new one. Epson says to
disable PNP, but then PNP wouldn't work for everything else. Thank you.

1. device installed and then not installed and then installed....??

I am using XP Pro.  I have a Creative Audigy sound card with a 1394 port.  I
also have an ATI all in wonder radeon 8500 with a 1394 port.

Most of the time both 1394 ports are installed correctly as shown in device
manager.  About every third boot one of the 1394 ports will be shown with a
yellow exclamation point.  If I uninstall and redetect I get the same thing
.... the yellow exclamation point.  A simple reboot fixes the problem.  But
it happens again in about 2 more boots.

How can I fix this?


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