Can't enable DMA for DVD drive

Can't enable DMA for DVD drive

Post by J.A. » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 00:27:42


I have an Asus DVD-E616 dvd drive and i'm stuck to PIO
mode although i've selected 'dma if availabe'. I've tried
to do select PIO, then click ok, then go back to DMA (as
microsoft described) but it doesn't help. I've also
uninstalled the drive and reintalled but nothing.

It's intalled as secondary slave. The secondary master is
a CD-r unit and it has dma enabled. On the primary
channel everything is ok. Mainboard is an Asus a7v133
with a via kt133 chipset with updated drivers. The dvd
has no drivers - besides the ones windows installs...I'm
running XP

when viewing DVD's the picture is jerky, sound has a lot
of clpping (even with 2 diferent sound cards) and the cpu
is always above 90% usage. When I insert a data cd in
this drive, while it's being accessed the computer gets
slow and even the mouse pointer get's jerky. That doen't
happen with the CD-R drive.

Everything was ok (including the dvd playback) until a
while ago when I started noticing what I just described
(don't know what I did wrong at that point..if i did
anything wrong). so I assume the DMA was enabled until
sometime ago(although i'm not sure)

please help! It's impossible to watch dvd's like this!



Can't enable DMA for DVD drive

Post by <asdf.. » Sun, 31 Aug 2003 07:45:16

found the solution here: