Missing CD/CDRW Solution

Missing CD/CDRW Solution

Post by Oh Ge » Sat, 25 May 2002 11:03:14

Earlier today, I posted an epic message bemoaning my disappeared CDRW
drive. I had tried every possible fix and was at the end of my rope. A
few kind folks gave some suggestions, but they didn't help,

I was reorganizing my Program Menu when I ran across Tweak UI (One of
the PowerToys for XP). I had totally forgotten that I had installed it.
I figured I'd give it a spin.

Lo and behold, under "My Computer", there is an entry entitled "Drives".
I opened it up and there was the solution to my problems. A simple
picture of the missing "F" drive and the box next to it was unchecked. I
checked the box, closed Tweak UI and checked "My Computer". There it
was! I checked "Explorer". There it was!

I rebooted to make sure this wasn't a temporary fix and the drive was
still there!

I've yet to do any actual burning, so I'm not out of the woods yet, but
hey...you gotta have a drive before you can burn anything on it, right?

To all that offered suggestions: Your wise counsel was much appreciated.



1. Missing CD & DVD drives Possible Solution

Try uninstalling the drivers of the drives in the [device
manager]. It is better to also remove the drive from the
registry. You can do this by going to [Start][Run...] and
enter "regedit"

Windows should then reinstall the drivers on reboot.

Note this will only work if the device is using a windows
driver. Otherwise ensure that you have a copy of the
driver from the OEM website.

This worked for me but you try this at your own risk!


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