XP network setup wizard problem on Win98SE

XP network setup wizard problem on Win98SE

Post by Matt » Mon, 17 Dec 2001 18:09:44

When I started networking my new XP home system on my Win 98 SE home network
I didn't know better than to try out the new XP network setup wizard.  To
make a long story short I successfully managed to get my entire network
working flawlessly (all systems [1 XP Home and 2 Win98SE] sharing one
internet connection through a linksys router and sharing a printer and all
files). However, when I reboot one of my computer's (the oldest one, a
win98SE hp 300mhz) everything falls apart. Well not everything, just I
cannot connect to the XP from this one computer (lets call it comp A) and
comp A cannot connect to the XP, as well comp A cannot connect to the
internet.  However to my surprise the two win 98se's can connect with each
other.  I can ping this computer IP address and it receives from the DHCP on
the router.  However, no other computer can be pinged or ping comp A.
Strange, but if I run the windows network setup wizard from the XP CD,
restart, and check this computer connects through another computer or
residential gateway option and follow thru with the wizard then once again
my network works beautifully.  But guess what happens when I restart the
computer?  Some old story, no internet, no communication with XP.  So the
cycle continues.  If anyone knows what the problem is, or how this can be
fixed, I would love to hear them!

Thanks very much for your time to look at this problem.


Matt Osler


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