Resource filtering - will Windows re-use unused resources?

Resource filtering - will Windows re-use unused resources?

Post by Greg » Sun, 05 Jan 2003 22:53:24


I need detailed information on the following situation:
I have a PCI device with six BARs.
For example:
BAR1: 9000
BAR2: 9400
BAR3: 9800
BAR4: 9c00
BAR5: a000
BAR6: a400

I'm performing resource filtering, the result will contain I/O resources
only for BAR1 and BAR2, so I'm throwing out four I/O resources originally
generated for BAR3-BAR6.

Of course all of the six BARs will be still containing addresses 9000...a400
in the PCI board.

I've never seen such a case when Windows reused any of the I/O ranges of my
unused BARs. (which I filtered out... BAR3...BAR6)
For example, I've never seen that Windows assigned 9800 to a SoundBlaster
Live if it was originally assigned to my device and I filtered it out from
my resource list.

Will such a case happen? When? After filling the entire I/O address space
with devices? (this isn't a common case I think..)
I'm doing the same resource filtering on WinXP,2000,98,98SE,ME.

Greg X.


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