XP network setup - setup on Win95 machines

XP network setup - setup on Win95 machines

Post by cliv » Sun, 18 Aug 2002 14:52:27

In XP netsetup, a disc was created to enable sharing on
other PCs.  This disc then has to be put into EACH PC you
wish to include in the network.  Unfortunately, there is
a message when the netsetup disc is used on a Win95 PC,
saying the setup instructions are in Win95.

The Win95 PC has been sharing the network with other
Win95/98 PCs for three years.  When I go into the XP PC,
the shared directories are shown but I canot access these
and get a message "..xxx directory not accessible. You
may not have permission to use this network resource".  

I would be grateful if someone could show me how to set
this permission on the XP PC.  (I've looked in Admin but
it all looks a bit confusing!)

Also - how do you identify which user(s) has Admin

Many thanks


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Firstly I apologise for the cross-posting, but feel it's justified in
this instance as it concerns both Me and XP.

I have a severely disabled friend running Me OS on an Athlon 1.4 with 30
gig hd, 256 ram, 32 videoram.  We know the computer is capable of running
XP, it easily meets all the specs and we have downloaded any software
drivers and upgrades necessary for scanners, printers etc in advance of
his XP installation.  He has partitioned his hd into 20 gig primary for
Me, he runs it continuously and loves it, but wants to dual-boot XP.  No
great problem we researched what to do etc and all seems fine.  We have a
10 gig partition ready for XP (FAT32) for cross-compatibility of files,
perhaps.  Eventually he reckons he'll run XP exclusively if he likes it.
He's trying to install XP to this 10 gig partition.

However when it comes to set-up of XP every time he runs the installation
routine he gets so far through then gets an error message as follows.

The file
is corrupt.  It contains all zeroes.  With an OK button to return.

However, the computer then doesn't start-up in the usual manner, he has
to (I worked it through with him) load using a Me start-up floppy and sys
c: to transfer back to Me, upon which the system is restored ...

It would appear that his XP cd may be corrupt.  I am remote from him, so
haven't been there when he's running the installation, but he is normally
competent around computers and wouldn't (normally) do anything too
st00pid.  I've spoken through the installation with him via telephone and
he isn't doing anything wrong as far as I can tell.  He would like to be
able to download a good copy of the file that's missing, if possible, or
find a way of installing XP for him, without him having to return to the
shop etc.

However, I have some misgivings about the cd he's using and think he may
be trying to use a pirated copy of XP, though haven't directly asked him
this yet.  Would this produce these symptoms ?  Would a 'proper' MS cd
give these symptoms with a corrupted file ?  I don't know enough about XP
to advise him further.

Assistance would be appreciated.  :)


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