3.5 floppy drive will not work after installing CDRW.

3.5 floppy drive will not work after installing CDRW.

Post by Ray Dixo » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 11:37:01

After installing cdrw software (Nero) my 3.5 drive
displays the following error message when a attempt to
access the drive is made.
A:\ is not accessable

Incorrect function.

My existing CD drive will open, however will not read the
cd inserted in the drive, (trying a varity of CD's)
Displays the same message!

I have uninstalled all cdrw software, removed all
associated registry keys associated with Nero and INCD
software. This allows the CD to work (however the CD seems
to work sometimes and others not). I have replaced the 3.5
with a new drive (same error message) and removed the
dirvers and reinstalled them. Nothing has worked! Note the
3.5 drive workes in dos and safe mode!

Does anyone have any suggestions.


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Hope someone will pick up on this. I posted one message
several days ago and no one answered it. Whenever I
insert a 3.5 formatted disk into the floppy disk drive, I
get the message "Please insert disk into Drive A". I ran
a troubleshooting scan and the floppy drive (Drive (A) is
working, but why does it not recognize the disk when
inserted. What should I do to correct it. (Windows XP Pro)
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