Post by William B. Luri » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 01:39:13

I have my choice of four keyboard languages set. Somehow the
indicator as to which is on at the moment, has stopped showing up
on my taskbar. Please tell me how to restore it. Thank you.

                William B. Lurie


1. languages languages languages, be or not to be...

The one that Microsoft denies the access to the recognition packages of
which already exist and those that were added to the MUIRP, cause that
people look for the way to obtain the packages of recognition

Messages like which we have seen on the interchange of recovery discs are a
clear sample

Microsoft must provide the access to the recognition packages, selling them
or at the Windows update site, otherwise we will possibly see more and more
messages of interchange of discs and even the clandestine copy sale of the
recovery discs

Microsoft need to change their plans about the recognition packages, do you
remember the universal translator of Mr.. Spock?, like this device of
science fiction there will be a unpractical have a Tablet PC of each


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