Tooltips Hide Behind Taskbar

Tooltips Hide Behind Taskbar

Post by Jeff » Sun, 01 Jun 2003 19:44:41

I have a problem where the tooltips hide behind the
taskbar and the only way I could resolve this was to log
off, then log on again.

Is there a way to permanently fix this?



1. Balloon / tooltips in the system tray are hidden behind the taskbar

When I move the cursor over one of the icons in the
system tray, like the volume or power icon, the popup
information is displayed behind the taskbar itself.  You
can see the top part, which is the shape of the popup
dialog box, but all of the useful information is
displayed behind the taskbar.

I've tried everything listed at;en-
us;307499, but nothing works.  I think this web site
refers to a different problem.

Other things I've tried include:
1.  Resizing / hiding / unhinding the taskbar.
2.  Refreshing the desktop display by hitting F5.
3.  Right clicking and left clicking everywhere else on
the screen.
4.  Opening and closing items, like volume control panel,
power properties control panel, time/date settings, etc.

This is driving me crazy, and any help would be

Thank you.


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