replace user32.dll and rpcrt4.dll

replace user32.dll and rpcrt4.dll

Post by Luiz Fernando Mendonc » Wed, 14 May 2003 05:44:43

Hi there

I need to replace user32.dll and rpcrt4.dll (mine have been corrupted). I
have the originals (altho I would prefer if I could extract them from cd),
but I dont know how I can get them replaced (since windows is always using
them (user32.dll is anyway)).
If I was using fat32 file system, I would just use my win98 boot disk, but
I'm using ntfs.

Thanks in advance.
Luiz Fernando Mendonca


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To anyone: help!

Turn on comp running WinXP Pro. No probs. until today when I accepted and
alllowed the comp to install the new updates and M. Service paks. Now, after
restarting (as per the instructions) the OS loads to the Login/Passwrd
screen (albeit the basic - not the former XP).

I type the p/w only to receive repeatedly: "the System DLL: user32.dll
relocated to memory because c:\win~\sys~32\GDI32.dll occupied the address
range for system dlls". Something to that effect.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue. Please respond. I have spent
hours weeding thru the Microsoft website(s) with no success.

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