Windows XP issues

Windows XP issues

Post by kawamur » Fri, 11 Jan 2002 04:15:44

Hi all,

I had a couple of quick questions. I have a Compaq
Presario 1692 notebook, which was previously running
Windows 2000 with no problems. After a clean install of
Windows XP, things for the most part have been great. I
have 2 real problems.

First off, this computer has a DVD drive built into it,
and enabling DMA mode for the IDE controller improves
performance a great deal. The problem is that Windows XP
reports PIO transfer mode, and video playback is very
choppy. I've installed XP about 4 times, and I've gotten
it to correctly (I guess?) report DMA stepping mode 2 (I
think) only once. It always reported DMA in every Windows
since 98 SE. So, my question is, how can I FORCE it to
perform DMA transfers? Also, I have the "DMA when
available" option set, it still reports PIO Mode.

Second question. Whenever I enter standby and attempt to
resume after standby, my internal LCD video doesn't
display. The computer resumes normally, but with no video.
I can hibernate and resume, and it performs normally. And
this question is, does anyone know what the deal is with

These 2 things have been bothering me since I migrated to
Windows XP a few months ago. Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.


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