Screen capture Media Player help

Screen capture Media Player help

Post by Seli » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:51:13

How do I screen capture a video file that is playing on windows media
player? this new version doesn't seem to work. I click "Prt Sc" and it
captures my whole screen but not the pic in the media player like on my
other computer.

I have Windows Media player 8, 7 could do it... HELP!


1. Screen capture from Media Player


A client of mine sent me a small movie to be posted on her website.
I am trying to get a screen shot of the movie so I can add the link on the
page and keep the page's flow but I have been unable to capture the image
from the paused movie.
I have tried a shareware called HyperSnapDX and also a freeware called 20/20
but they didn't work.
Which tool should I use for this specific purpose? And if those tools would
do how should I go about doing it?

Thank you in advance,


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