user is unable to remove fax in MS Fax Console

user is unable to remove fax in MS Fax Console

Post by Harold Bute » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 21:14:30


If a user tries to remove a fax in his fax console then he
sees that the Delete button is grey out. The administrator
is allowed to delete the fax. Even after moving the
archive path the user is not allowed to deleted. In
explorer he can delete the faxes.

environoment info:
We are runnig windows XP pro localy. The users have power
user rights. SP1 is installed.



Harold Buter
CSC System engineer


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I installed a fax console from my XP Home CD, but I can't
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Doese any of you know how to do this?

Please respond to me via my email.

Make sure I know what its regarding as I get a lot of
junk mail I delete without reading it.


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