Newly installed programs not always highlighting...

Newly installed programs not always highlighting...

Post by Walter C. Lun » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 09:55:21

Anyone know if there is any rhyme or reason to when windows highlights or
does not highlight newly installed programs in the start menu?

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   I am having problems with the highlighting of newly
installed programs, some of the programs that were
installed weeks ago and have been run many many times are
still being highlighted by this feature. I did not have
this problem before, this started when I had a heatsink
problem with my computer processor, during which my
computer powered down or turned off itself when the
processor got hot, the misaligned heatsink was fixed but
after that, the balloon: "New Program Installed", keeps
popping up. Also, some "start menu>>all programs" items
that are highlighted in some user profiles are not
highlighted in others; also, some items are not
highlighted immediately, meaning they only get
highlighted after some time or after I've clicked on
the "Start" twice. I think this might have been caused by
windows not shutting down properly due to the
aforementioned heatsink problem. How do I fix this? Plus,
how do I test if the highlighting of newly installed
programs is working properly after doing a fix? How does
this option determine which programs are newly installed?
If I create my own folder/file in the "documents and
settings>>username>>start menu>>programs" folder, should
this option treat it as a newly installed program and
therefore highlight that item? I'd appreciate any help
anyone can offer, thank you in advance.

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