XP Reactivation?

XP Reactivation?

Post by Greg » Thu, 04 Apr 2002 09:42:10

I have an OEM version of Windows XP Profession installed
and this problem has occurred serveral times on my
computer.  The last time I got the message that I had
exceeded my activation count and was forced to call the
Microsoft Customer Service group to activate my Windows
XP.  You asked Doug if he had either Powertoys or XPStyle
installed..   Well I have XPStyle installed.  I'm going
to remove it to see if this corrects this issue.  It may
be a while before I can determine if it corrects it or
not, since this occurs ramdomly.


Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>Hiya 'doUg'.

>Had this happen to me a total of seven times ... with XP
HE clean installed
>on a new system.  I don't have any 'quick fix'

or 'workaround' to help you
Quote:>out, other than to say that my problem has of late

[touches wood] sorted
>itself out.

>I would ask tho', do you have either Powertoys or or
XPStyle installed?


>> When I rebooted my machine tonight, I was greeted with
>> the message that XP needed to be activated.  This was
>> third time this has happened since I upgraded from ME.
>> This time, however, it would not allow me to enter the
>> key.  It said it had been entered a max number of
>> Although MSFT phone support gave me an override key,
>> asked if I had mabe changed the hard drive.  I haven't.
>> Other than OS updates, I've not installed anything new.
>> What gives???



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Thanks in advance,


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