"My Documents" - using "search" and "Send to"

"My Documents" - using "search" and "Send to"

Post by John » Fri, 28 Feb 2003 01:27:06

Everytime I us the search and sent to funtions in My
Documents, my screen disappears. the system keeps running,
but the my documents screen fanishes.

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My default email client is set up as Outlook Express, in the program
option in Internet Explorer 6.
Ever since I installed MSN8 on my PC the "Send Page" & "Send a Link"
or "New Message" from Internet Explorer no longer work with Outlook
Clicking on them brings up MSN 8 whether I am signed in or not.   The
"read mail" option brings up Outlook Express normally.  Is there any
way to fix this? All the options used to work with Outlook Express
before the installation of MSN8.


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