No sound from VAIO computer

No sound from VAIO computer

Post by Jim » Thu, 15 Aug 2002 12:02:04

I am using a new SONY VAIO with windows XP. I have lost
all sound. I have tried the obvious solutions: checked
speakers, volume control,etc. Still no sound. ANy ideas?

1. very slow performance on Sony VAIO N505VE (and other VAIOs)

My WinXP has very slow performance on my VAIO (N505VE Celeron 333 / 128RAM).
I compared this to my other computers of similar speeds (p2-266 / 128 RAM +
nvidia TNT 16M). I used to be able to play my DVD rips on it at full frame
rate, and indeed my other computer mentioned above does so (just). But now,
it's running at like 3-5frames per second!!

I can observe the fact that the windows are drawn quite slowly - appears to
be a video problem. However, I tried using my Windows 2000 drivers on it,
and the performance is still sluggish. I suspect something in the background
is killing it, but I'm running very similarly to my other computer (in terms
of service enabled etc).

Does anyone have any ideas or simliar eXPeriences?

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