Wont burn to cd!

Wont burn to cd!

Post by Natha » Mon, 26 Aug 2002 05:40:28

    My cdrw drive has been working fine up until today.  
I have been burning media within windows xp (using the cd
wizard) and I love this built in feature.  Today I wanted
to burn something and all I keep getting is "there is an
error in the writing process".  This happens straight
away.  I have tried various blank cd's but for some
reason xp cant complete the cd writing wizard.
    Does anyone have a clue why this happened and how to
sort it?

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Hi, i just recently upgraded to WinXP from Win98SE. I have a Plextor 8x
cdrw, which worked fine under Win98. Now, when i try to burn a cd under
WinXP, it gets to the same exact spot while burning the cd, approx. 200
megs, and my computer automatically shuts down. No logging off or anything,
just bam restarts. I have tried multiple Burning programs, each with the
same result. I got the CDR update from microsoft update, but that removed
all my cd drives. This is not a real problem, since I will format to get
them back. The CDR not writing full cds is what i would like to fix. Please
P.S. It might have to do with my paging file. I.E. when windows trys to use
my paging file, in such situations as burning a cd or opening many
applications, my computer restarts. Suggestions? Help! Thanks a lot.

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