My Drivers(CD-ROM,DVD-ROM,CD-RW) Are not being detected

My Drivers(CD-ROM,DVD-ROM,CD-RW) Are not being detected

Post by Anthon » Sat, 28 Dec 2002 07:48:39

My cd,dvd and cd-rw rom drives aren't being detected, i
put cd's in and they dont work, i dont know too much
technical stuff, i checked in my hardware device manager,
and beside each drive there was a yellow exclamation mark
(!) i think i might have too re-install the drivers but
the guy who sold me my computer, didnt give me any driver
cd's, i have my Windows XP, cd, and some other cd's.

what do i do, is there any way to fix this,
i have a computer that was custom made, no-name company,
Windows XP home,



1. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives do not recognize CD-ROMs and DVD-Roms

Since approx. 1 week I have an extremely irritating
problem with my 2 CD-ROM drives and my DVD-ROM drive
(under Windows XP Professional), although I did not
(myself) change anything on my PC HW or SW installation.

My drives suddenly recognize (official as well as own-
written) data CD-ROMs and (official) DVD-ROMs only once
and only after they have first read an official audio-CD.

When I unload and load the drives with the same data CD-
ROM or DVD-ROM (that were perfectly accessible before the
unload), they either do not detect the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
at all, or they recognize them as empty.

When I load an official audio-CD (which is always
correctly recognized and accessible without any problem),
unload it again and replace it with the earlier data CD-
ROM or DVD-ROM, the data CD-ROM is again recognized and
accessible (until the next unload). A DVD-ROM on the
other hand causes my PC to reboot, after which it is also
recognized and accessible (until the next unload).

Can this be due to a recent Windows XP Security update (I
have Windows Update set on automatic) or one or other
security setting in Windows XP that I may accidentally
have set?
Can I undo this?


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