I can read DVD with my DVD/CD-Rom, but not any CD-ROM

I can read DVD with my DVD/CD-Rom, but not any CD-ROM

Post by <anonym.. » Thu, 23 Oct 2003 14:03:42

After I installed Xp Pro My DVD/CD-ROM is recognizing
DVDs, but not any CDs.

How can I resolve this problem.


I can read DVD with my DVD/CD-Rom, but not any CD-ROM

Post by stev » Fri, 24 Oct 2003 03:55:45

you have a pioneer drive???  they have problems like this
all the time.

even if not, it is possible that drives can read one but
not the other.  it is BROKE, replace it.


1. CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives do not recognize CD-ROMs and DVD-Roms

Since approx. 1 week I have an extremely irritating
problem with my 2 CD-ROM drives and my DVD-ROM drive
(under Windows XP Professional), although I did not
(myself) change anything on my PC HW or SW installation.

My drives suddenly recognize (official as well as own-
written) data CD-ROMs and (official) DVD-ROMs only once
and only after they have first read an official audio-CD.

When I unload and load the drives with the same data CD-
ROM or DVD-ROM (that were perfectly accessible before the
unload), they either do not detect the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
at all, or they recognize them as empty.

When I load an official audio-CD (which is always
correctly recognized and accessible without any problem),
unload it again and replace it with the earlier data CD-
ROM or DVD-ROM, the data CD-ROM is again recognized and
accessible (until the next unload). A DVD-ROM on the
other hand causes my PC to reboot, after which it is also
recognized and accessible (until the next unload).

Can this be due to a recent Windows XP Security update (I
have Windows Update set on automatic) or one or other
security setting in Windows XP that I may accidentally
have set?
Can I undo this?


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