Tooltip display problems

Tooltip display problems

Post by denni » Sun, 02 Feb 2003 10:22:28

I am running Windows XP sp1 and I have noticed that the
tooltips that popup are wrong or incomplete. What I am
calling a 'tooltip' is the 'popup' that appears after the
mouse lingers over a button. For example, in the task bar,
when a program can't display the complete name of a
document, it displays "Word-my documen..." When you place
the mouse pointer over that 'button' for a while,
a 'tooltip' comes up with the complete description -"Word-
my document. The problem is that part of the window that
pops up is black or is referring to another program that
is running. This also happens in the system tray icons.

I believe that it is associated with driver conficts, but
I am not sure.

Has anyone had this and found a solution.


1. DEBUG:Tooltips= YES REL:Tooltips?NO!

VC++ 4.2b, MFC, Something odd has happened: When I compile
a Windows 95 EXE under _DEBUG configuration tooltips
are present on the toolbar. When I compile under
_RELEASE configuration they no longer work. Any ideas

Please reply publicly *and* by email if possible


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