Exchange 2k / Outlook 2k and XP HE

Exchange 2k / Outlook 2k and XP HE

Post by Wac3aw Ormick » Tue, 21 May 2002 20:23:11

I have Exchange 2000 Server and client laptop with Windows XP Home Edition.
How i can configure Outlook 2000 to access to exchange mailbox? (I can't
login via outlook, I can't login wia web too)



1. Exchange 2k / Outlook 2k and XP HE

Since you can't log into the domain, I think you'd be limited to POP3 or

You might try posting to the OL2000 group for details, since this isn't
really a Windows XP question beyond the point that you obviously can't
log into the domain.

-- DE
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