Sound problems

Sound problems

Post by P.D. » Fri, 23 May 2003 12:39:46

  A week ago the sound was fine on my comp (a NEC LaVie,
2002 model from Japan). Recently when I play DVDs, music,
anything, the sound levels are way too low.

  I've gone into the control panel and the volume levels
are all up to the max. Still low sound. I defragged the
drive, cleaned old files and have 6gig free, still low
sound. Perhaps I have to do something with the driver?

   My computer is only in Japanese, so some technical
terms may be a bit hard. If you can write step by step
(ie, go to control panel, click on sound, etc...) it would
be greatly appreciated. If anyone has a suggestion, please

much for your help.



1. Sound problems....did system restore, now different sound problems..I'M LOST!

I messed around with the TTS feature the other day.  I
sped up the sounds.  Once I realised that it affected all
sounds(mp3 music etc), I went back in to re adjust the
sounds.  But when I went back in, the slider was set to
normal, but was still playing back at a "fast" pace.  I
could not get it to work so I used system restore.  After
System Restore, my computer no longer recognized my sound
card.  Instead of having the "Crystal WDM Audio Codec"
installed, it had something else installed, I think it
was Max something or other.  I tried to reinstall the
sound driver and it kept trying to install that "max"
sound drivers, and when I forced the install of my
crystal drivers, they didn't work.  What do I do now?

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