musical video

musical video

Post by Paul » Sat, 30 Nov 2002 16:48:02

It depends  on what format that music is in? If its mpg u need something
can burn it into a format a dvd can read. You need a cd writer or DVD-burner
depending on how that file is that you have. How exactly were u burning it
to cd?

What program were / are you using?

You cant just copy it from a hard drive to a blank cd. It doesnt work that

And have you got a CD-Writer or DVD-writer?

If its a video CD it'll play on a DVD. I doubt if it'll work on a normal CD
if its Video.

Quote:> How can I record onto a cd that can be viewed with a dvd
> player musical videos that are on my file. I can see/play
> them on the media player but I cannot burn them onto a
> regular playing cd. I want to be able to listen to the
> songs from my car stereo and be able to view them on the
> dvd player. can you give me suggestions because I am new
> at this.


1. The Polish musical Multimedia CD-ROM coming soon!!!

The Polish musical Multimedia CD-ROM coming soon!!!
AOK is an Australian-Polish recording company in Krakow Poland. AOK is producing a musical multimedia CD-ROM. This new product contents 10 tracks of piano music composed by winners of the young Polish composers' compitition. The style is romantic sentimental light music for cafe's. The ROM section is multimedia of Poland and featuring of Krakow. There are maps, over 300 photographs and more than 20 pieces of video about tourism and culture. It runs on PC and Mac. All that are in four languages(Polish, Eng

ish, Franch, German). AOK will release this CD-ROM in Feb'96. Please order now for a special price of 35 USD, which includes free delivery.

If you are interested in distributing the CD-ROM, please send more information about yourself or your company. AOK welcomes distributors from all different countries.

Thanks for reading!

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