update installation failures in WinXP Prof.

update installation failures in WinXP Prof.

Post by Dr. » Sat, 03 May 2003 05:40:27

Lately critical updates are failing to install.  They
download...but fail to install every time.  We are using
WindowsXP Professional.  Everything worked fine for the
past 10 months and then it stopped working.  Thanks in
advance for any suggestions as what to do.  

P.S. The WinXP Service Pack 1 was installed when it was


1. Symbol Display Failure in WinXP Prof

I have an old version of American Heritage Dictionary (Third Edition,
Version 3.5, 1994) that cannot have a normal symbol display in
Simplified Chinese Windows XP Professional installed in my new Dell
OptiPlex GX260. However, in my previous Windows 98SE (Simplified
Chinese Version) I could manage it have a normal display with adding a
line of ahd3=0x01000000 below the [compatibility] column. But I failed
to achieve the same effect when I tried with Windows XP this time.
Previously, the screen display would also show Chinese characters when
the above line of ahd3=0x01000000 was removed from the [compatibility]
column of win.ini in Win98SE. However, the old trick failed with
advanced WinXP Pro, i.e., the Chinese characters would be displayed
instead of normal symbol fonts provided by the dictionary. I wonder
why it does not work when I added the same line into the win.ini file
of WinXP Pro.

I have tried the program compatibility wizard and followed all of its
options without any positive results. Other people suggested me
install a double operation system to have the normal display but I
don't want to do so. It seems that  [compatibility] do not  work any
more in the WinXP. Is there any alternative approach to solve my

Any guru could help? I prefer this editon of dictionary tremendously
and I don't want to give it up. I can never thank you enough for your
kind help.

Liu Gang

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