Networking Internet Connection

Networking Internet Connection

Post by Len Cuf » Sun, 20 Jan 2002 03:54:14

I would think that you must have some sort of NAT software running ?
I have the same sort of setup but I have the CM connected to a second
NIC card on my XP home PC running ICS. The first NIC is connected to a
hub where 4 other PC's connect. All can access the internet fine thru
my PC.
I tried connecting the CM to the hub but things slowed down


>I have a question regarding my internet connection.  I have two networked
>PC's, one a home computer and the other a laptop.  The home has XP Pro and
>the Laptop has XP home.  I have a cable modem as well.  I have all three
>devices going through a hub.  Both computers were set up through the network
>connection wizard with XP.  I did tell both computers that my internet
>connection would be through a hub.  The network works fine.  Both computers
>can see each other and I can access files and everything else the network is
>supposed to do.  The problem is that my guest computer (laptop) can't get an
>internet connection through the hub.  The home computer can.  This seems to
>be the only problem I'm having now.  Any help on this would be greatly



1. How can I dial into a network and use the networks internet connection?

At work we have a sweet 2mbit internet connection (microwave).  At home I
have a 56k modem and cant get a connection to my isp at >28.8k.  I can
however, dial into my computer at work using PCAnywhere v8.0 and transfer
files at substantially higher speeds than my normal dial up ISP.

You see where I am going with this.

I want to dial into my computer at work and establish a TCP/IP link so that
I can take advantage of the fast internet connection.  Can anybody give me
any advice or information?

The internet access at work is provided through a proxy server (Novell
Bordermanager).  Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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