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go into the properties for the netware client, and change the first drive
property. That should work for you.

Quote:> I'm using WinXP pro and connecting to Novell 4.11 using
> windows netware client.  I have a Dell notebook computer
> with removable A: drive and CDROM.  If I boot with the A:
> drive, the login drive on windows is D:.  So if I remove
> the A: drive and replace it with the CDROM.  The CDROM has
> no drive letter.

> Any suggestions?  I've changed the CDROM drive letter to
> G: and this seems to work.  But I would rather change the
> Login drive to F: and I won't have this problem.

> Thanks!


1. Drive letter for my c drive has changed to f drive

This happens when you do a clean install of XP with a Zip disk in the Zip drive.  Some users have reported it happening just having the ZIP drive connected.

You can try the following fix, or you can format and reinstall.;EN-US;q223188

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