Odd shutdown/standby after installing SP1

Odd shutdown/standby after installing SP1

Post by nick » Wed, 15 Jan 2003 09:22:44

I installed the full Service Pack 1 last week. Since then
my computer sometimes shuts down when I select 'Standby',
and other times just enters standby mode as selected.
More recently my computer has either gone into screen-off
mode when left idle for 5 minutes, or just shuts down
completely. Upon re-starting I get a message about the
system recovering from a fatal error. Has anyone else
experienced this behavior since installing SP1? If so,
any ideas what to do? What's the best way to go about
uninstalling SP1?




1. XP Pro with SP1 installed hangs on shutdown since SP1 was installed

I have searched high and low for a fix for this. I have tried all the
web sites and all say get the update from microsoft for this problem.
I didn't have this problem until the Service Pack was installed. I
have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Changed registry settings
etc. Granted, this is not a major problem but an inconvience. The
computer hangs with "computer is shutting down". the cursor locks and
Ctr,alt.delete doesn't work.

Surely someone else has this problem . I am using a Compaq 5665

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