Can I Install XP on Reformatted C: Drive using Windows XP Upgrade Edition?

Can I Install XP on Reformatted C: Drive using Windows XP Upgrade Edition?

Post by Mead » Fri, 06 Jun 2003 20:19:02

I have had good experience with Windows XP on an HP
machine on which it was the first and only operating
system.  So I decided to upgrade my Dell 1.3 GHz, 1 GB
machine from Windows ME to Windows XP, using the Windows
XP Professional Upgrade edition.  

This has proved a catastrophe.  I have a list of about a
dozen programs and drivers that do not work, including my
Iomega Zip drive, Quicken 2002 and other essentials.  Old
DOS programs that load with no problem on my other
Windows XP machine, fail to install or run.  I have
system crashes complete with geometric multicolored
flashing squares that require a cold boot to recover the
machine.  Clock cycles are being consumed in mysterious
ways so that the machine is much slower than it was under
Windows ME.  Horrible.  

I have decided that the best approach will be to
laboriously uninstall as many of my applications as
possible, backup everything, and then reformat the C:
drive and install Windows XP Professional from scratch.  

My question:  Will I be able to use my upgrade CD to
install Windows XP Professional on a reformatted C: drive
when there will be no trace of a pre-existing Windows ME
on the machine?  It should be possible since it is a
legitimate upgrade.



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