here we got problems managing internet traffic in WINXP

here we got problems managing internet traffic in WINXP

Post by Alex Gallard » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 00:07:41

we have five computers connected between them with a 10 mb/s mini hub. One
of them is connected to internet based on a 128 kb DSL modem. the problem we
got is the "server" (win xp OS) gets all the traffic to himself, and the
other computers use internet on a residual bandwidth it left unused. ?How we
can manage a same bandwidth to all the computers in our domestic LAN? ?Is
there some way to configure the interner sharing on win XP to manage it?
?QoS is really needed or it can be deactivated to solve this problem?

1. Trouble Getting Internet Explorer to Print After WinXP Installation.

After recently installing WindowsXP, I have experienced inconsistent results
in getting IE 6 to print, whether I use a print button on a web site or use
the File | Print option  Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn't.  The
printer I'm using is a shared network printer that's setup properly and has
sharing enabled.  When it doesn't print after I click on either the Print
Option on the File menu or a Print button on a website it will eventually
show as "Not Responding".  IN one case after I used the Windows Task Manager
to end the IE 6 Task, a message popped up stating that TCP/IP was
unexpectedly terminated.

Sometimes it prints a looooong time (like 5 minutes) after I click on either
print option.

Other applications, like Microsoft Word print just fine under WindowsXP.

How can I get IE 6 to print properly on this system?

Rest assured that I shall greatly appreciate your help.
With kindest regards,

Dick Smith

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