Windows 2K server and Windows XP Dual boot

Windows 2K server and Windows XP Dual boot

Post by Jason So » Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:53:34

I have set up a dual boot with Win2K Server on the one partition and WinXP
on the other partition. Both OSs work fine but i need to format Win2K
partition to reinstall that OS. Is there any way at all to reinstall the
Win2K server partition and still preserve the dual boot and WinXP



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I have got a problem with my IBM A20m laptop. It has a dual boot Windows
2000 Server et Windows XP Pro. Since yesterday, it has been working very
strangely. I installed the recovery console on the start menu and now it
works without requesting an admin password. Then the commands don't seem to
do their effect as I ran fixboot and fixmbr on the Win XP partition after
having reinstalled Win 2K server and I still had to copy NTLDR et
NTDETECT.COM from the XP CD from within Win 2K server to be able to start
Win XP. Also the first screen "IBM Thinkpad" which normally displays the
options F1 to enter the BIOS and F12 does not display these options anymore
so I can't access the BIOS. It happens most of the times but there are times
when I restart the computer when I can access the BIOS. Very weird... Does
someone have any ideas how to solve the problem?
Many Thanks



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