Auto update installs wrong version of driver

Auto update installs wrong version of driver

Post by Tommy Jone » Sat, 16 Feb 2002 04:42:20


I have a AMD 500 computer and a Intel 233 MX computer both running XP Pro.
Each computer is equipped with a LNE!00TX 4.1 (Version 4)adapter

I recently downloaded a Microsoft recommended XP Linksys LNE100TX update,
which installed on the AMD computer's LNE!00TX 4.1 adapter as a LNE100TX
Version 5. The download would not install on the Intel computer leaving the
adapter at Version 4.

I reinstalled the LNE100TX version 4 diver from the Linksys download site on
the AMD computer. However the install left the LNE100TX version 5 Packet
Scheduler Minport that won't uninstall.

How do I uninstall V5 Packet Scheduler Minport?

Why will one LNE100TX 4.1 Card accept the V5 driver and the other LNE100TX
4.1 card won't?

Thank you,
Tommy Jones


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