Incoming VPN connection to XP Pro

Incoming VPN connection to XP Pro

Post by paul » Wed, 23 Oct 2002 02:38:41

I need HELP !! I need help configuring incoming
connection, currently I am unable to connect to Xp pro
machine . I am confused about IP settings I would
appreciate any help.

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Any help will be appreciated with the following problem

    The problem:
        WIN2K cannot access the shared folders/files from XP Pro machine.
Every time WIN2K tries to access the XP Pro shared folders/files, it is
prompted for a username password saying the username/password is invalid .
However, XP Pro can access the WIN2K shared folders/files
    The Settings:
        1.  XP Pro is setup for incoming connections thru VPN.  WIN2K can
connect to XP Pro machine and both can ping each other and send messages to
each other using net send.
        2. Both machines have same username and password for local security
        3. Both machines are in different workgroup (this shouldn't matter
though becuase the XP Pro machine can access the WIN2K machine)

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