Wrong tooltips displayed... help.

Wrong tooltips displayed... help.

Post by Sideshow Bo » Wed, 08 May 2002 10:15:32

OK, this is driving me nuts. Tooltips work fine for a while then suddenly
they fall one item behind but the display area doesn't.  For example, I
mouseover an item (no tooltip), then I mouseover a new icon and I get the
black area for that tooltip but the actual tooltip is for the previous item.
From that point the screen area for the tooltip is correct but the data is
one tip behind.  Then after an hour or so the tooltips become correct for a
while then go bad again.  ARRRGGGHHH.

It happens on the toolbar, desktop, Explorer, IE, and OE.  I've run SFC,
reinstalled video drivers, etc.   Does anyone have a suggestion?

A sample can be seen here:




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I have 4 PCs on which I run XP.  On 2 of these, 1 with XP
Home and the other with XP Professional I get this
irritating problem.  If I hover over any desktop or Task
bar icon, the ToolTips get confused.  The first is OK
then when I move to the next the first message is
displayed again over the black space corresponding to the
correct message.

Has anyone any idea what might be going on?


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