Windowsmedia player

Windowsmedia player

Post by Leslie Goul » Thu, 09 May 2002 02:57:36

I have a thousand tracks on my Creative DAP Nomad Juke
Box on my computer. I want to imort all the playlists on
to Windows Media Player without having to dealwith each
track separately.Is this possible?
Leslie Gould

1. windowsmedia player.lnk appears as Wi as well as Windows Media Player on Programs list

For some reason after I installed the WinXP2600 eval I noticed a Wi on my
Start/Program..list and I can't get rid of it.  It shows as a "file" the
same size and installation time and the Windows Media.lnk on the list.  I
have tried changing users and deleting it in the start folder of my user
account, but it won't let me.  When I click it a window flashes and closes.
It is in my documents and settings/user/start menu/ programs  --just a Wi
...any suggests are appreciated.

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