Exact Disk Copy from a Master to a Slave

Exact Disk Copy from a Master to a Slave

Post by Jerome T. Czeiku » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 14:25:32

You should be able to open Explorer, highlight all of the files/directories
you want to copy and drag and drop them on the second drive. The virtual
swap file (*.swp) can not be copied in this fashion so make sure it is not

Quote:> I'm a reseller.

> I've always been able to use xcopy32 to create a duplicate
> hard drive from a master to a slave in Windows 98 SE under
> a DOS prompt in Windows.

> Any chance I can do the same using Windows XP Home
> Edition?  What's the procedure???

> Thanks

> Larry


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I am furious with Microsoft for now providing a perfectly
operating disk to disk backup system as part of Windows
XP Home.  True, I was able to download the Backup program
that normally is supplied only with Windows XP Pro, but
when I used that program, I found that it only copied
half of my C: drive onto my D: drive --- making it
essentially useless for me.  And what about Restore?  I
have been told that the Restore function does not work
with Windows XP Home???  The copying of one hard drive to
another is now commonly used by average computer owners.  
I expect that feature when I purchase an operating
system.  And one final point, why doesn't Microsoft offer
a special priced download which will upgrade Windows XP
Home to Windows XP Pro?  Is there anyone out there?  WK

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