Help on power problem

Help on power problem

Post by Charle » Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:49:07

Why dose my computer restart every 3 to 5 minuts, it just
started doning this 10 minuts ago.

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Hi all

i have a problem because i dont have a profile in the power config and i
dont have a choise my monitor come black (enter in stand by after 15 min)

i have this picture :

i have Windows XP Pro (french version)

i dont no why i do now for my monitor :(( i dont want to format again...

if i enter in administrator mode or another login all is ok but with this
profile (my login) i have this problem.

 i  search the file where i could find the parameter for the configuration
for replace or modifie

thx for your help

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