Install error e:\1386\asms the parameter is incorrect

Install error e:\1386\asms the parameter is incorrect

Post by Tim » Mon, 24 Dec 2001 15:02:28

After about half way through install just after it self
reboots i get this error message and wont let me go no
futher  e:\1386\asms    the parameter is
incorrect              Any ideas please e mail me at


1. Problems with XP install (asms, incorrect function)

I reformatted my HD and booted from the XP setup disks.
After that, I partitioned my drive fat32. the install
continued(blue screen part) and when i hit the next area
of the install (in windows interface) first thing that
happens is this:
*error: installation failed d:\i386\asms error message:
*incorrect function.
*fatal error: one of the components that windows needs to
*continue setup could not be installed.
*Incorrect function.
anyone know how to fix this frustrating problem?

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