MS fax won't send fax in Windows XP

MS fax won't send fax in Windows XP

Post by Aussi » Thu, 06 Jun 2002 23:53:20

      Folks. Nothing to do with Creative hardware or software but hope some
of you techies can help me. I can't get MS Fax to work with XP. I have the
XP version . I use an external USB modem. When it tries to send a fax I just
get send errors. The modem works fine otherwise and the fax numbers are
correct. I used to use Winfax Pro with Win 98 and faxed fine but my version
of Win Fax Pro won't work with XP. I read somewhere that MS Fax won't work
with USB external modems ? I would rather not have to buy new software or
hardware. I also have a non XP compatable version of Phonetools.

1. Fax Console - can't send fax to remote fax

message ' The fax printer cannot be accessed.'

I'm wanting to use the remote fax facility that supposedly
comes with Windows XP. I have 1 PC with a fax/modem
installed and the fax service and another test PC across
the LAN. It connects ok and reconises the remote fax using
the fax console but whenever I try and create or send a
fax to it from the test pc I get the above message. Note
also that I have given full access rights to everyone to
use the fax facility. I have also tried many other tests
with different PC's with the same results.

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