Explorer crashes when viewing jpg images in My Documents folder

Explorer crashes when viewing jpg images in My Documents folder

Post by Snark » Wed, 05 Mar 2003 10:27:27

Greetings All!

Here is a strange one, when I try to view a picture
inside the my pictures folder inside my documents.
Explorer comes up and says it has crashed and will
restart? This seems to be happening as it is trying to
display the thumbnails of the images. These are just jpg
pictures that when viewed in any other directory are just
fine! I would appreciate any advice.

Cheers! =)


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Hello All,

Any insight would be greatly appreciated with the following problem. It's
just started occurring within the last week. My system is up to date with
all of the XP Updates (at least according to the Windows Update site).

Anytime I try to access a folder that displays thumbnails of images,
explorer restarts (ie. My Pictures, etc). In addition, when I try to change
the desktop image, I get an error with "Run a DLL as an App" when I click on
Apply or OK. I've seen a few other postings with this same problem but no
one has replied to those either.

I'm running Windows XP Home edition on  a Compaq 7110US (default

Thanks in advance.


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