Network Cable Unplugged

Network Cable Unplugged

Post by Ryan » Fri, 08 Mar 2002 05:50:03

If my computer goes into standby it sometimes comes out saying that a ntwork
cable is unplugged.  internet still works and all, and hte com will work
until i try to shut down then it won't at all.  i have to hold the power
butting until it goes.  any ideas?



1. Network Cable Unplugged with coax-cables


I have a network card that uses coax-cables to form my home network.
But I also has an RJ-45 connector at the back and now winXP thinks my
network cable is unplugged because it doesn't seem to use my coax-connector
When I was using a beta of XP, i had found a workaround somewhere on the
I tried that and it worked. All that you had to do was to replace an XP file
with a win2000
file and it worked perfectly. But i forgot which file it was and know i'm

any thoughts?

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