Remote Desktop printer redirection

Remote Desktop printer redirection

Post by Brian Cocuzz » Wed, 12 Feb 2003 04:39:02

I am trying to use printer redirection with Remote Desktop
on Windows XP (both on the local and remote PC).  I can
see my local printer on the remote PC under two scenarios
but not under the third.  It appears that I can redirect
my printer when it is on the parallel printer port (LPT1)
and I can redirect it if my local PC is attached to a
remote printer (\\server_name\printer_share) but I can't
redirect a printer that uses a port that I create (in this
case, a Standard TCP/IP port) on my local PC.

Is this accurate or is there a way around this behaviour?


1. Remote Desktop Printer redirection

I am attempting to use a USB printer connected to my Mac
OS X box. The printer is PS compatible. I put a check in
the local resource, connect automatically printer check
box on the RDC. The XP box has a windows xp and 2000
driver on it. But I cannot see the printer que in a remote
session. There are no events in the event log that have
anything to do with printing. The printer is a HP 1200
laserjet. What else am I missing?

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