Run as...

Run as...

Post by Clickety-Clic » Thu, 06 Dec 2001 21:56:37

How do I set an executable to have "Run as"="Administrator", for all users
of a machine?

1. pvbload.exe ... runs & runs & runs....

I have an app ( 'Hello world' test, actually ) that 1. won't install - hangs
at 'Entering items in system registry' 2. won't run manually ( copied all
runtime files I think I need and put test.vb into the windows dir and ran
'pvbload.exe test.vb' and the hour glass flips for hours ... ( I have to
reset ).

I used the OTB setup/install wizard and, after hanging,  then copied the 5
files suggested for runtime to the windows dir:
pvbdecl.dll (?)

It's a Mobilon 4600 w/ winCE 2.0(MIPS 4000). I used CE tools for VB6.

Any help would be great. I've never felt so ...


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