Display changes spontaneously to Default Monitor

Display changes spontaneously to Default Monitor

Post by Nathana » Sat, 09 Nov 2002 09:43:58

The display keeps changing spontaneously to the Default
monitor in WinXP Pro.  My monitor is a Viewsonic G773.  
XP plug and play correctly identifies the monitor and
sets all of the valid resolution/refresh combinations.  
For some reason, it keeps switching back to the default
monitor.  I usually detect that it happened when I try to
play a game that changes the window resolution.  The
monitor goes blank and goes into energy saving mode.  
When I go check the display settings or the hardware
manager, the Monitor is changed to the default monitor.  
I did have blue screen shut down recently so I wonder if
it happened at that time but I cannot be sure.  Can
anyone tell me what is causing the monitor to switch from
the G773 to default?  

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