Fax Console cannot open fax sent

Fax Console cannot open fax sent

Post by Pete Curs » Wed, 02 Apr 2003 05:31:39

In the Fax Console after I send a fax, and I click the
view button, I receive the error, "The Operation Cannot Be
Compleated".In the details box reads," The system cannot
find the file pecified (2.2200001366)
What do I need to do to have the Fax Console open
the "Windown Picture and Fax Viewer".


1. Fax Console - can't send fax to remote fax

message ' The fax printer cannot be accessed.'

I'm wanting to use the remote fax facility that supposedly
comes with Windows XP. I have 1 PC with a fax/modem
installed and the fax service and another test PC across
the LAN. It connects ok and reconises the remote fax using
the fax console but whenever I try and create or send a
fax to it from the test pc I get the above message. Note
also that I have given full access rights to everyone to
use the fax facility. I have also tried many other tests
with different PC's with the same results.

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